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Your questions answered here..

  • Do you offer services that are NOT for Weddings?
    Yes! We do offer hair and makeup services for all types of events not just weddings. We have services clients for film, production, photo sessions, maternity, birthdays, quinces, sweet sixteens, bachelorette parties and more!
  • Do you offer bridal trials (Bridal Makeup and Hair Consultations)?
    Yes! Trials for bridal hair and makeup are scheduled several months ahead of time, or days before for our of town destination guests. Time frame for trials can be anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours depending on the clients needs. We do allot 3 hours for our hair and makeup trial appointments because we want to make sure we have the right look and we are not rushing thru your consultation. Trials are a great way for us to be able to connect with you- the bride- and play around with a few different looks, so we obtain your desired look as a result. We recommend bringing your clip in extensions to the trial session or consult with us for special needs. For locals, we recommend to schedule a trial on a dress fitting day because you can see the look with your wedding dress.
  • Do you do trials on the weekends?
    No we do not. We reserve weekends for weddings and special events and can not always accommodate trials. If you have a request for a trial on a weekend you may submit but availability is limited. Best days for trials are Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Latest appointment time is 6pm.
  • Which is your most popular package for the bride?
    Our most popular package is the Royal Glam for Brides. We do highly recommend the royal glam for all but see more Airbrush or Traditional for bridal party. Our Royal Glam Package includes Water resistant makeup application for our humid Florida days. It consists of a liquid application with an airbrush seal. It can be done as light or full coverage, matte or glowy and the artists assigned are pro artist only. Pro artist have over 5 years with Bridal Hair and makeup styling. Airbrush Packages are completed by Senior and or Pro artist based on availability. Airbrush makeup is a foundation application applied by using a portable airbrush machine. It is a light water-based liquid which sets immediately upon application. This can be applied for light or full coverage. Senior artist have over 3 years of Bridal hair and makeup experience. Traditional Packages Completed by Senior and/or Jr. Artist based on availability. Skin prep with moisturizers and primers based on skin type. Traditional makeup is liquid foundation applied with the usage of makeup brushes along with sponges. Liquid coverage can vary from light to full glam using creams and powders. Junior artist have 1-3 years of experience in Bridal Hair and Makeup. All of our artist are fully trained in Hair and Makeup artistry. Pro artist availability fills up the quickest so make sure you book your big day quickly as we do assign artist to your contract once we have that signed.
  • Do you offer just hair styling?
    Yes. When booking you have the option to bundle your services with Hair and Makeup or you can opt to have hair services only or makeup services only. For hair services you can choose from a down or updo style. Down styles can consist of a glamour style like glam waves or half up and half down look. Updo wedding hair styles can consist of the messy side bun, to more intricate traditional pin curl styles, to more bohemian looks with braids and twists. For more bridal hair inspiration head on over to our Instagram page:
  • Do you charge a Travel fee?
    Yes, travel fees do apply to all on site bookings. Being able to come to you is a luxury service and we do charge a travel fee of $50.00 in PB county as it is our HUB location. Services outside of palm beach county will be quoted based on address where artist needs to arrive at. For single bookings or small parties we can also accommodate you at our suite in WPB, FL.
  • Can you accommodate large parties?
    Yes we are a team of 7 artist and can accommodate a large party. Largest party accommodated to date has been 18 individuals within a 5 hour period.
  • Do you require a deposit to save my Wedding date?
    Yes a deposit total will be drawn up with your quote to save your date. The quote is provided once all the inquiry information needed has been provided to us. The deposit total is estimated to be about 20% of your total services.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Best way to reach us is via Email. On weekends we are very busy at events and it may take 24-48 hours for us to get back to you.
  • What brands of Hair and makeup products do you use?
    All the hair and makeup products that we use are Professional Brands that were designed to give long lasting results and photograph beautifully. They are bought through professional retailers and most brands can only be found in specialty stores. Example of some brands we use for Hair: Kenra, SexyHair, AG Hair Care, Schwarzkopf and more. Example of some brands we use for Makeup: Hourglass, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tillsbury, MAC, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, Tarte, and many more.
  • Do you use strip or individual lashes?
    All services include strip lashes. We can also provide the option of individual lashes with our Royal Glam bookings but due to the additional time it takes they are an additional $10.00 fee for non Royal Glam bookings. (Traditional and Airbrush)
  • Do you include a blow dry with the style?
    No we do not include the blow dry with the style. A blow dry can take anywhere from 40-50 minutes to complete. We include one updo, down do or half up do hair style between 30-60 minutes long on DRY HAIR. In order to do a blow dry and style it would take up to 1.5-2 hours and it is considered two services. If anyone would like their one style to be a blow dry please let us know and we can make arrangements for that.
  • What kind preparation is needed for my makeup and hair service appointment?
    Makeup - Please arrive with your face fully washed and dry. We recommend the week leading into your event that you use a daily cleanser, moisturizer and EXFOLIATE (this will get rid of most dry patches) If you use retinol please discontinue 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding day to avoid peeling. Hair - We provide one dry style for your event. We do not blow dry or straighten your hair. Please arrive with your hair fully dry/blow dried. If you have curly hair and the style you chose is smooth we suggest you also straighten it beforehand. If the style you are choosing is to use your own curls then you can come with it natural. IF your hair needs a blow out prior to styling an upcharge for the blow out will apply.
  • Do you provide a timeline?
    Yes we do, it will help organize your wedding day for all your beauty needs. The timeline is an estimate per service. Meaning we add additional time per service because each person and makeup and/or hair style can range between 45-50 minutes. Bridal is between 1hour - 1hr 30minutes. We also like to add a buffer time at the end for touch ups. As much as we know your wedding day will be nearly perfect, things happen so we also like to account for an mishaps in time that might happen. As an example if the bridal party sleeps in and is running late we have a little time to work with. We ALWAYS prefer to stay ahead of time and finish earlier than to run late.
  • If the Bride Chooses Royal Glam, Airbrush or Traditional package do the others need to choose the same?
    No. If the bride chooses for example the airbrush package and half of her party wants traditional and other half airbrush we can definitely do that. Not everyone has to have the same type of makeup, its completely up to them which they would like.
  • Do you have experience with different ethnicities/acne/mature skin and hair types?
    Absolutely! We specialize in custom-blended makeup to match any skin tone no matter how dark or light. We LOVE working with the many different shades and tones of beauty! We also have a full range of professional skin care products that we use to prepare delicate, mature, sensitive or acne-prone skin before makeup application and hair to achieve the very best results.
  • Are trials for anyone other than the Bride allowed?
    This isn’t a request we get often but yes, absolutely! However, This is seen as a standard in studio hair and makeup booking for pricing purposes. We only have trial pricing for bride to be.
  • How for do you travel?
    We will travel as far as you need us to! We do travel for destination weddings as well. Depending on how far we must travel there may be an additional travel charge and hotel stay. Please submit all request via email or our inquiry form.
  • How soon should I book my Hair and Makeup?
    We are currently booking weddings 1 to 1.5 years in advance so the sooner, the better!! Keep in mid Saturdays are the firsts to get snatched up.
  • Is pricing negotiable? Are there discounts for large parties?
    No, when it comes to hiring a professional makeup artist or stylist for on-location or personal services, you definitely get what you pay for! When you hire us, you are hiring an experienced professional that comes to YOU. The level of skill and expertise that you can expect is far superior to hiring your sister, other relative, friend or a cosmetic sales-person from the mall. We have however given you the best possible pricing and have a variety in choices for makeup styles that best suits your needs.
  • How can I get in contact with you?
    You can contact us via email at, telephone 561-323-7174, or we prefer for you to fill out the inquiry form so we are able to get more details on what services you are needing.
Call us: 561-939-4841
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